• Sharon Hoffman, PhD


    Organization Activation Consulting


    • success through activating the best in people, teams, and organizations •

  • Dr. Hoffman helps organizations drive success through activating the best in people, teams, and organizations.

    Her approach stems from a research-informed understanding that organizations achieve greatest success operating from the same foundation of higher level functioning that individuals committed to living into their full potential focus upon in their lives beyond work ~ an orientation toward growth, integrity, and meaning.

    Dr. Hoffman drives congruency between organization practices and deeply held values. The result is the creation of dream job environments that yield break-through business achievements.

    She is sought by business leaders and organizations for her unique perspective, ability to quickly understand organization dynamics, assess organizational effectiveness, and engage with leaders in devising successful strategies to realize the greatest potential in people, teams, and the business.

    Sharon combines proven methodologies with customized solutions in order to meet each client in their unique situation. Within a short a time of working with Dr. Hoffman, clients have reported:

    • Significant revenue increase
    • More cohesive and effective teams
    • Positive impact on relationships inside and outside the workplace
    • Business decisions reflecting better alignment with core values

    Offerings include:

    • Executive coaching


    • Facilitating programs and processes designed to create a values based organization culture

    • Partnering to develop roadmaps for daily operational practices that reinforce the defined culture

    • Assessing and leading development of processes and systems to support best practices

    • Team building

    • Delivering training on constructive communication and methodology on building a feedback culture

    • Assessing and improving the hiring process, including training on behavioral interviewing


  • Connecting with the best in ourselves and each other deeply impacts organizations and the world around us.




    Organization Activation Consultant 
    – Present

    A consultancy that helps organizations drive success through activating the best in people, teams, and organizations.

    Designing and delivering customized programs to help companies grow using proven methods. Offering organization foundation strengthening and wide range of people acumen skill building to include:

    • Executive Coaching: strategies for the people side of the business; including strengthening teams, making key hires, change management, developing managers

    • Values-Based Organization Culture: define core values and link to business objectives, build intentional organization culture, devise practical roadmaps for operations application

    •Constructive Communication: hands on learning approach to transforming work relationships; methodology for building a feedback culture; team building

    •Process & Systems Improvement: facilitate improvement initiatives in support of organization vision; specialization in hiring process improvement

    •Career Development: speaking and coaching to illuminate how companies hire, fruitful search strategies, and navigating career path in alignment with true self

    Living Stories

    – Present

    A creative enterprise that shines a light on the brightest part of our shared community to create a deeper sense of connection.

    • Lens of Love: a photographic exploration capturing the inner light of those marginalized by society, inviting viewers to connect through the lens of love to those photographed and beyond

    • Project Thrive: case study research on people leading successful lives attuned with their core self, broadcasting their stories via podcast, and identifying common elements of their pathways to success

    • Living Stories Podcast: upcoming project providing callers with ways to navigate challenging situations while showing up at their best; including relationships in work, love, and parenting

    • Ad Hoc Story Projects: telling the authentic individual and/or organization story in support of branding and marketing strategy

    • Website launch upcoming: www.livingstories.com

    • Photography: portraits that express the inner beauty of those photographed, in conjunction with community projects, organization initiatives, and for private collections 



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